May 19, 2024


World News – 100 years ago

Dublin not gay capital of old

How changed Dublin is to what is was ten years ago! The Irish capital used to be one of the gayest cities in Europe. There was no unemployment, there were no strikes, no shooting, bombing and ambushes.

Nowadays the Irish capital’s streets and principal buildings are a heap of ruins. The streets are unsafe day as well as night; at any moment anywhere there may be an attack upon the Free State troops by de Valera’s followers. It is a curious fact that from such a method of warfare it is not the troops or their attackers who suffer most, but the peaceful citizens.

Day after day one hears the mournful tones of the bands playing the funeral march for some brave Irishman who has been killed not by the hands of the British or the Black and Tans, but by his own fellow countrymen. Robberies at the revolver’s point occur almost daily in every street.

At night the snap of the sniper’s rifle and the rattle of the machine gun keep good Irishmen from their hard earned rest. Such is Dublin today – a city of fast drifting to anarchy.

Muncie Evening Press

Muncie, Indiana · Saturday, December 02, 1922