June 23, 2024


World News – 100 years ago

Aid to war?

The distressing thought to Americans about giving so-called relief to any part of Europe is that such relief either directly or indirectly is likely to be used for the promotion of war.

If we should announce tomorrow that all debts owing to us by European countries had been cancelled, that very announcement merely would cause a stimulation of war activities in most of the nations concerned.

If we were to advance to Greece another great loan, she would use it not in succoring the victims of the Turk but in rebuilding her armies so that she might be in a position to advance again against the Turk.

Even when we aid the distressed in Russia we thereby relieve the Russian rulers of part of their responsibility and enable them to strengthen the Red army and to increase its menace to orderly government everywhere.

In spite of this knowledge, guided in the future as in the past by motives of humanity, we doubtless shall continue to go to the aid of the homeless and starving as part of our world work, but this need not mean and should not mean that either by cancellation debts or the advancement of loans we give direct aid to the promotion of further wars.

Muncie Evening Press

08 Dec 1922,