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British aid for Greeks say French

Report declaring Lloyd George had secret compact to support in war on Turkey.

Paris Dec. 1. Revelation thta former Premier Lloyd George of England and former Premier Elutherios Venizelos of Greece enterer in a secret diplomatic agreement in 1920 by which Great Britain promised to support Greese in the war against Turkey were contained in a Athens dispatch printed by the Matin today. According to the Athens correspondent of the Matin “there is evidence that the Greeks undertook their military adventure in Asia Minor at the suggestion of Britain the Anglo-Greek near east partnership promising the Greeks financial assistance to carry on the struggle”

Greece it was further stated was promised equal shares in the subsequent division of Turkey. The cost of carrying on the war was to be imposed upon Turkey in the peace conference.

Th Matin printed what purported to be the secret diplomatic reports of M. Venizelos while the negotiations with the British were in progress. These contain a letter from Venizelos dated June 19 1920 in which the former premier reported that the British general staff council had technically advised the Greeks. Communications from Venizelos about the same time warned the Greek government that it could not expect any assistance from France and Italy and that the Greeks should be on the alert against invasion by bands of Bulgarian irregulars over the Thracian frontier.

Protection Offered.

The British, according to the Matin’s revelations, agreed to protect Constantiople and the Turkish straits. Venizelos insisted that the old Ottoman empire be completely partitioned, leaving only the Anatolian plateau under Turkish sovereignty.

While the Turco-Greek war was in progress, said the Matin dispatch, the allies began to consider the advisability of lightening the original terms imposed upon Turkey. Venizelos successfully interfered at this juncture, demanding the maintenance of the original Turkish conditions and promisingthat Greece would force Turkey to accept the treaty of Sevres and to demobilize the Kemalist army.


Documents printed today by the Paris Matin showing that the former Lloyd George government supported Eleutherios Venizelos, ex-premier of Greece, in the Greek war against Turkey and actually promised assistance to Greece caused a sensation here although it has been an open secret that Britain aided the Greeks while the French assisted the Turks.

The matter will be taken up officially in the house of commons on Monday when Premier Bonar Law will be asked if there is any documentary evidence on record here to show that the British minister at Athens gave the Greeks active support in their military campaing in Asia Minor….

Muncie Evening Press

Muncie, Indiana · Friday, December 01, 1922