January 18, 2022


World News

Greener pastures! VR headsets show lush fields upping cow milk production in Turkey

Turkish cattle breeder Izzet Kocak was seen using a Russian-inspired tech-savvy method to beat away the bovine blues and get as much milk from his cows as possible, as seen in early January at his farm in Aksaray.

One cow was hooked up to a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, with the aim of visually transporting it to greener pastures. Classical music was also played to relax the cows whilst feeding.

Speaking from his farm over the weekend, Kocak said that when his cows are happy it improves their milk production. “As producers, we were seeking alternative ways [to maximise yields], particularly with the increase in feed and hay prices,” said Kocak.

The breeder added that that the idea to use VR glasses on livestock came to him when seeing reports of Russian farmers doing the same.

So far, Kocak has tested the method on two of his cows, and after following the animals for ten days, he said the results have been a success, with a notable increase in both the quality and the quantity of milk in the animals wearing the headsets.