January 19, 2022


World News

Ukrainian ghost town in Kirovograd region captured in haunting drone footage

The almost completely abandoned city of Tsukrovarov in Kirovograd region can’t be found on any modern map. Ruptly took a bird’s-eye view of the ghost town at the end of December.

Tsukrovarov was built in the 1980s to ensure the operation of Kirovograd Sugar Factory № 11. However, in the 2000s, the company went bankrupt and ceased to exist, while the company building and confectionery factory were stripped for scrap metal.  

Locals who lost their jobs began to leave the city, and amenities in the abandoned houses were disconnected. Then, Tsukrovarov became a part of the village of Lipnyazhka and ceased to exist under its former name.

The crumbling stores, bar, school, and ruins left over from the once large and prospering sugar factory have become popular with urban explorers ever since. Meanwhile, Tsukrovarov is not completely extinct.

Approximately 100 people still live there, and there is a grocery store. Local media report that the town, which previously housed up to 6,000 people, boasts 59 apartments in nine high-rise buildings.