January 19, 2022


World News

Hyundai presents its ‘metamobility’ concept to connect real and virtual worlds

Hyundai Motor presented a vision to connect the real and virtual worlds through what was referred to as metamobility during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas, on Tuesday. South Korean carmaker announced its ‘metamobility concept’, where robotic devices interact with humans to provide a variety of mobility services, at a news conference.

Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group Euisun Chung presenting the company’s ‘metamobility’ vision explained how robots will serve as a medium between the real and virtual worlds in the future. “Inspired by this vision we dream of a future in which robots’ help humanity, companion robots that collaborate with humans and exist for humans are our goal,” he said.

Hyundai Motor’s ‘metamobility concept’ is related to the metaverse, which refers to shared virtual world environments, which are accessible through the internet and can make use of virtual and augmented reality.

“The metaverse will expand the world we live in. When the metaverse becomes more commonplace in the future, it will occupy an important space in our daily issues, daily lives, “Euisun Chung said.