January 19, 2022


World News

122 years and counting – Iranian appears to be oldest person in world

At 122 years old, Fatemeh Norouzi Karizi, from the Iranian province of Razavi Khorasan, appears the oldest living person in the world. Born a century and two decades ago, on 23 September 1899 in the northeastern city of Torbat-e-Jam, Fatemeh is apparently the oldest living person in the world, and said she is the oldest to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Fatemeh showed her birth certificates in footage recorded on Saturday and lamented about how her long life has been. “During all these years in my life, I had a hard and difficult life. I have not been anywhere other than this house for a long time, and I am not literate.

I have been staying in the house. If something happens in the world, I do not know about it.,” she said. The woman who married a century ago now lives with her son Abdol-Vahed Harati, who takes care of her. The 122-year-old woman, who now has great-great grandchildren, has not been able to see her relatives regularly since the pandemic began. “Since the coronavirus started, our children come to visit her much less than before.

They see her every one month or two or three months, and I dare not bring them any sooner. They just come and ask how she is and leave,” Harati said. According to official records, the oldest independently verified person in recorded history was Jeanne Calment who died in 1997 aged 121.