January 19, 2022


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Jordan XIIIs and Kanye West’s bulletproof vest up for auction in NYC

The famed auction house Christie’s showcased Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan XIIIs and Kanye West’s bulletproof vest, among other items available for purchase at the ‘Handbags x Hype:

The Luxury Remix’ collection in New York City, as seen in footage filmed at the auction house on Friday.

“This is a really special auction. It’s called ‘Handbags, X-HYPE: the luxury remix.’ So, it’s really this new notion of how luxury is defined today, which is not traditional,” explained head of handbags, streetwear and sneakers at Christie’s Caitlin Donovan.

High couture handbags were surrounded by cult streetwear brand Supreme items, from drum kits to suitcases to motorbikes with its red and white logo.

The luxury streetwear collection is a pair of game-worn and signed Air Jordan XIIIs by iconic basketball player Michael Jordan, valued at between $300,000 (€265,000) and $500,000 (€442,000).

The sneakers were used at Jordan’s last regular-season game of the Chicago Bulls championship season against the New York Knicks.

Also included in the auction is a ‘DONDA’ bulletproof vest worn by musician Kanye West at a listening party in Atlanta, with a non-fungible token (NFT), serving as a digital representation of the vest.

“The idea that coming into Christie’s means that you are buying fancy items that are worn at cocktail hour is a thing of the past,” added Caitlin. The collection will be open for online bidding through December 9.