January 19, 2022


World News

Working from home has its purrks! Cat-petting park opens in Tokyo

Visitors were seen petting the resident cats at NAMJATOWN theme park’s newly-opened ‘Nyanja Town’ cat petting park, Tokyo, on Monday.

Felines could be seen relaxing on cat trees that lined the walls, whilst a row of comfortable seating was available for guests to pass the time on.

A desk was also set up at one end of the park, with one visitor working whilst surrounded by the furry locals.

“You can give them treats, play with them with catnip, take pictures of them with your smartphone, or just pet them.

You can enjoy them in many ways,” explained Kouji Keduka, an operation team manager at the park.

Guest Satomi Shibuya​, who had visited the park with her laptop, explained that it was easier to find inspiration when playing with the cats.

“I can come up with all kinds of ideas, and they’re cute and inspiring, so I prefer to study and do things in places like this,” said Shibuya.

The cat petting park opened in October, and reportedly houses around 30 cats and features a 12-metre high ceiling.