December 1, 2021


World News

Bear necessities! Sleuth of bears gorge on giant prize-winning pumpkin at Dutch zoo

Five sun bears at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Holland, were allowed to play with – and eat – ‘the most beautiful pumpkin of the Netherlands,’ as awarded by the Dutch Pumpkin Growing Championship, on Monday.

The bears gladly rose to the challenge, by playing with and eventually devouring chunks of the huge pumpkin. Weighing 635.5 kilos with a circumference of 4.65 metres the oversized pumpkin had to be brought by fork-lift into the enclosure for the bears to play with.

The pumpkin was originally grown by Gerjan Puttenstein from Wezep before being transported to the Brasserie Staverden restaurant. As the pumpkin was due to rot in a few weeks, Katherine Haklander-Timmers from Brasserie Staverden contacted Burgers’ Zoo in order to offer the pumpkin as a gift to the curious herbivore bears. The bears took the challenge to heart, ripping the pumpkin into chunks and eating the special addition to their lunchtime menu.