January 19, 2022


World News

Massive 1,500 year-old wine factory uncovered in Israel proves it gets better with age

An enormous 1,500 year-old Byzantine wine factory, thought to be the largest in the world of its kind, has been uncovered in the central Israeli city of Yavne.

Footage filmed on Monday shows excavators continuously uncovering more wine jars on the huge site.

The site spreads over a whopping 75,000 square feet (6,970 square metres).

“We’re standing in one of the largest wine factories that we know of in anywhere in the country,” said engineer at Israel Antiquities Authority John Seligman.

“We’re talking about a Byzantine wine factory, which includes five huge wine presses, producing around two million litres of wine annually,” he went on to say.

Seligman explained that Gazan wine would have been known throughout the region during the era, and that the huge ‘Gazan jars’ it was stored in were one of its hallmark features.

“Seeing this jar, you would know you’d be having Gaza wine, just like if you see a cola bottle today you know that you’re going to get cola,” Seligman claimed.

According to the antiques authority, the site was discovered two years prior during excavations conducted as part of the city’s development.