January 19, 2022


World News

Sicily beats Europe’s all-time heat record amid ‘Lucifer’ heatwave

Sicilians in shared their reactions in Floridia on Thursday following an unprecedented temperature recording as the region faces the ‘Lucifer’ heatwave.

In one area within the Syracuse province, authorities have claimed that temperatures hit 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.8 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday.

The incident, which is yet to be independently verified, is likely to have beat a heat record in Europe. The Mayor of Floridia, Marco Carianni, described the latest record as “unthinkable” as the municipality continues to implement measures to reduce fire outbreak risks.

“In the first two weeks of June, we cleaned up all the landlocked lots owned by the municipality, requiring private individuals to do so as well, precisely to prevent these lots from becoming grounds for fires”, explained Carianni.

“Throughout Sicily, but especially in Calabria, we have seen a truly dramatic fire situation”, added Carianni. According to one account told by a resident, “people were dropping like pears” as a result of yesterday’s heat.

Firefighters in Sicily and the nearby region of Calabria tended to hundreds of fire incidents on the day of the record-breaking heat.