January 19, 2022


World News

Double the trouble! Giant panda twins born at French zoo

Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher’s Beauval Zoo welcomed two healthy new-born panda cubs on Monday, as seen in a video issued by the zoo team.

The female giant panda Huan Huan, who came on loan from China along with her partner Yuan Zi, gave birth to the twins in the early hours of Monday under the supervision of Chinese experts who travelled to the zoo help ensure a safe delivery.

The happy vets assisted the cubs, weighing, listening to the heartbeat and cutting the umbilical cords. One French staff member said the birth was ‘a big moment,’ and compared it to 2017 when Huan Huan also had twins only for one of the cubs to die a day later.

“That’s the finale but this is also a beginning of a new story. It will be a lot of work to face with these two new-borns, it is very exciting and super interesting,” said one of the zoo vets.