January 24, 2022


World News

Fresno pilot sets world record for longest solar-powered flight

A pilot aboard a Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft set a world record for the longest solar-powered flight, as filmed in Fresno on Friday.

The two-seat plane left the city for a three-day trip on Wednesday making a few stops for recharging. “We left Fresno on Wednesday, we went to Madera, we went to Merced, Modesto and Lodi, and then back, reversed the course and came back to Fresno today,” said pilot and New Vision CEO Joseph Oldham.

“We’ve just broken the record for the world’s longest flight for a production electric aircraft on nothing but renewably energized power,” added Desmond Wheatley, CEO of the cleantech manufacturer Beam Global. The team behind the project hopes the achievement would be a major step towards solar-powered flights accessible for the public.