July 31, 2021


World News

Bigger than the redeemer! New Christ statue in small Brazilian town to beat Rio’s *DRONE FOOTAGE*

A new Jesus Christ monument is nearing completion above the hills of the small city of Encantado in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil southernmost state, as seen on Friday.

Once the work is completed by the end of this year, ‘Christ the Protector’ will be the largest Christ statue in Brazil, exceeding the iconic Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro by 4,8 metres (15 feet).

Drone footage captured the new monument in all its grace.

Christ the Protector will be 43 metres (141 feet) high and is being constructed using 1,600 tons of concrete blocks and paid by Encantado residents at the cost of 300,000 euros ($370,000).

The idea to build a bigger statue of Christ surpassing the original came from local mayor Adroaldo Conzatti in 2019. He died of COVID-19 complications last March but the dream lives on.