August 2, 2021


World News

From trash to trees – Dutch entrepreneur designs biodegradable mask

Dutch graphic designer and entrepreneur Marianne de Groot-Pons made headlines when she unveiled her latest invention in Utrecht on Thursday. De Groot-Pons and her team have designed disposable biodegradable masks that can bloom into plants.

De Groot-Pons invented the idea when she noticed that mask pollution had become a clear problem on the streets and in nature after the COVID-19 pandemic started. The idea was an immediate success.

“We have sold 40,000 masks so far and made a large stock, we actually have demand from all over the world, but the seeds are only available for the European continent. We are in the process of further developing the concept and looking at what we can do locally in other continents and other countries. That is quite a process and we are actually in the middle of it.” said de Groot-Pons.

As for how the masks are made and the materials involved, everything is biodegradable. “This face mask is made of rice paper and there are flower seeds between two layers of rice paper. And these are the cords, pure sheep wool, and the rosettes to adjust it to the correct size are made of vegetable egg cartons,” explained de Groot-Pons.