October 22, 2021


World News

Indian start-up creates mask growing into plants once thrown away

Indian start-up Paper Seed Co. has been trending on the social media after unveiling its concept of an eco-friendly face mask.

The company’s founder Nitin Vas said the unique feature of the product was its ability to grow into flowers after being thrown away.

Speaking in Mangaluru on Thursday, Vas said: “We humans are safe by wearing masks, maintaining social distance, what about those animals being in the aquatic, animals on the land or the birds that flies, they’re going to be really affected by the masks, the pollutants that we are, you know, the pollutant that we’re pursuing. So that’s where Paper Seed thought about why not design a mask that can degrade in the soil, and also not affect the environment.”

The masks are made from cotton rags which filtered from water, layered, pressed and then cut into single use masks that contain multiple seeds that grow into flowering plants once getting into soil.