July 31, 2021


World News

Defended from COVID – Belgian artist wears mini-greenhouse on his shoulders

Belgian artist and social worker Alain Verschueren has been attracting attention on the streets of Brussels after he started wearing his ‘oasis portable’ – a plexiglass COVID-free bubble filled with plants.

Speaking on Wednesday, Verschueren explained that walking around with the mini-greenhouse on his shoulders was a piece of art.

“I make a performance art with my portable oasis. It’s a little greenhouse that I carry on my shoulders and I walk around the streets with it. I put aromatic plants, thyme, rosemary behind it and these are plants that have an immune boosting effect,” said Verschueren.

He stressed that the reaction of passers-by was the most important thing for him as an artist.

“I don’t really like the rules that are imposed on me, so instead of walking around with a mask, I walk around with this,” concluded Verschueren.