July 31, 2021


World News

Japanese bento artist creates detailed edible portraits for husband’s lunch

Bento artist Miki Matrsuura was seen designing a unique bento box on Sunday in Hiroshima, adding hidden messages to her husband in his special lunch box.

The artist was seen mixing tracing paint on a slice of cheese, incorporating it into the design of the bento box.

“‘Bento’ is very convenient. I can tell my husband about myself and my feelings without words. It is my message, my love, and my encouragement to him that I hand it to my husband, and he receives it,” Miki said.

Miki’s husband smiled when he saw the impressive design upon opening his bento box for lunch.

“I sometimes smile a little, thinking that she made it with me in her mind. In that sense, I can’t help but be grateful to her for thinking about me when she makes ‘bento’,” Miki’s husband Hitoshi Matsuura said.

Miki had prepared a meal of rice, meat, and vegetables underneath the drawing that she painstakingly created and put on the meal.