July 31, 2021


World News

Fa-boo-lous ‘haunted’ 8-bed Florida jail on sale for just $139,000

After attracting tourists, thrill-seekers and ghost hunters for decades, the almost century-old Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, Florida, went up for sale on Tuesday, as the owner is looking to turn the page and potentially give a new life to the allegedly haunted property for just under €117,000 ($140,000; £101,000)

The former jailhouse was constructed in 1928 and operated for 40 years until 1968, has hit the property market for the first time in three decades. Potential buyers can get eight bedrooms – former cells, eight baths and a notorious series of ghost sightings and paranormal recordings that come with its gruesome history of crime and murder. Also part of the bargain is a jailer’s residence that was added to the main structure in 1966, and it still stands today.

Prior to the residence, the Gilchrist County Jail inmates would spend most nights locked away without any supervision from authorities.

“Nobody was there to watch them at night so that’s where a lot of the nefarious activity a lot of up to no good took place at that time if you will, when they were left alone at night,” estate agent Matthew Perry said.

For the past decade, the jailhouse has been serving as a tourist attraction of sorts, with visitations and rentals available to groups from ghost hunters to being open for commission for movies and video shootings of all kinds, including in the adult industry.

The jailhouse listing, states that the old Gilchrist county jail in Trenton is a unique attraction for people all over the world to document ‘heavy paranormal activity’ that ‘frequently occurs inside and outside of the jail.’

The property has been listed for sale for 36 days.