August 2, 2021


World News

No highs no lows only pogos! Extreme jumper bounces over 3m high on new age pogo stick

27-year-old professional pogo stick jumper Russ Kaus could be seen showcasing impressive flips on his pogo stick, in Fairfax on Thursday.

Member of the Xpogo stunt team, a group of pogo enthusiasts from Pittsburg, Kaus started the extreme pogo stick jumping when he was a teenager.

“I was about fourteen [when I started]. And then people bounce all the time, it’s just doing flips and stuff. It’s pretty dangerous,” Kaus said.

Kaus said pogo sticks have come a long way since their invention.

“It’s like a pneumatic, new age pogo stick. And it just started about ten or probably about twenty years ago now. This guy from NASA designed this pneumatic space age pogo stick that we ride and it gets you way higher than any other pogo stick,” Kaus explained.

“I live in fear as a pogo sticker,” he said, “but it’s okay, we deal with it and we concur our fears here and we move on,” he added, acknowledging the multitude of injuries sustained over the years including knocked out teeth, a ruptured urethra and concussions.

A pogo stick allows users to bounce 3,40 metres (around 11 feet) above the ground.

The world record for highest jump on a pogo stick was set by Russian pogo athlete Dmitry Arsenyev 2018.