January 18, 2022


World News


Corona vaccines have been shown to have dangerous side effects, even according to the vaccine manufacturers’ own statements, and now even more dangerous side effects have been shown for AstraZeneca (now renamed Vaxzevria)

The Sputnik V vaccine has not been approved by most likely political grounds, (more)and although studies and results, as well as those who have received the Sputnik V vaccine, have reported only minor side effects.

According to a BBC article, those who have been vaccinated with Sputnik V have not had these dangerous side effects, and the same article also mentions that there has been opposition to Sputnik V from the outset, although the vaccine has been shown to be effective and safe.

Why is there no such vaccine in every EU countries? It would also allow people to choose what kind of “roulette” they would like to play.

Many countries, including EU countries, have already approved the Sputnik V vaccine.

You should take the corona vaccine, you need it.

First doses of Russian ‘Sputnik V’ COVID vaccine arrive in Tripoli ruptly.tv