January 19, 2022


World News

New York expands eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine to 16 and over

New Yorkers aged 16 to 29 found themselves eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday following an announcement made by Governor Andrew Cuomo last week, with some of the youngest in the group seen taking advantage of the opportunity at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

The move has been introduced as to increase overall immunity amongst the population in the State of New York. At the present time, only the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine has been authorised for use amongst under 18 year olds.

According to the latest data updated on Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control, 21 percent of New Yorkers have been fully vaccinated and 34 percent have had at least one dose. On Monday, the state saw a total of 7,528 new cases of COVID-19 with 78 related deaths, with an all-time total of 1,910,858 cases and 50,195 related deaths.