October 22, 2021


World News

Manchester brewery powers itself using waste beer

A beer brewery in Manchester has been recovering energy from out of date beer to reduce its environmental footprint, seen on Tuesday.

The lager brewery predominantly brews beer for the beer brands Foster’s and Heineken.

”We are bringing out of date beer back from the trade due to the pandemic and we are recovering the energy from this beer, which we are using to power our CHP unit (Combined Heat and Power Unit) and also our steam boilers,” said Ian Bromley the utilities and facilities maintenance manager at the beer brewery.

”We have used the energy in two places on site. One is in our CHP combined heat and power and that generates electricity and also generates heat. The heat is transferred half kilometre across the site and is used in our canning pasteurizers. And the other location is, we use the energy in our steam boilers to generate steam,” added Bromley.

He likewise noted that the brewery has been processing about 1,450-liter kegs a day, which has been producing enough energy to power and heat approximately 500 homes.

The initiative intends to recover the energy from 7 million pints.

Bromely also highlighted the breweries motivation to undergo this initiative, as he said that as a large and global business it is important for the company to reduce its impact on the environment.

Finally, he also emphasised that being involved in an initiative with a positive social impact had been very motivational for everyone on site.

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