July 31, 2021


World News

Poodle my ride! Watch talented pooch show off its scooter skills in Seoul dog cafe

A dog named Bomi has been impressing social media users with its mad scooter skills. A year and three months-old poodle could be seen cruising around a dog cafe in Seoul on Saturday.

According to Bomi’s owner, Kim Gang-sook, the dog only developed her scooter riding skills three months ago.

“She started riding the scooter in a week. That’s how she started, scooter riding at home,” she added.

The owner explained she had seen several dogs riding a scooter on YouTube so decided to give it a try with Bomi.

“I thought she is a smart dog,” Kim continued, praising Bomi’s dedication to learning a new skill and expressing hope that the talented pooch can win the hearts ‘overseas.’