October 22, 2021


World News

Plus-size skate club shatters stereotypes by offering inclusive space

The Chub Rollz club offers skate sessions for plus-size and fat riders in Alameda, as seen on Saturday, to show that all bodies can skate.

The body positive, trans- and BIPOC-led skate group aims at disproving stereotypes by advancing the representations of fat bodies skating.

“We put the first Chub Rollz event together because we wanted to create a space for plus-size folks, fat bodies to feel comfortable playing around on skateboards, rollerskating, quad skating, and to feel like they are in a safe space with other folks like them to engage in these activities,” explained Andy Duran, the founder of the event.

The Bay Area club also hosts virtual roller skating and skateboarding classes for those who cannot participate in-person.