July 31, 2021


World News

Armless makeup influencer becomes one of Thailand’s top TikTok influencers

Buntida ‘Fai’ Chinnawong was born with a severe disability leaving her with no arms and one leg much smaller than the other. Fai has taken the social media world by storm with a following of over three million people subscribed to her makeup channel, where she shows how she applies makeup without arms or hands. The armless influencer showed her makeup and content creation skills in footage filmed in her studio in Bangkok on Friday.

“I started being a beauty blogger when I was in high school. At that time I had finished attending school for disabled people and went to a public high school. The students at the school for people who are not disabled were all dressed very nicely. They only wore a little bit of makeup, I had the feeling that I also wanted to start trying to use makeup so I searched on Youtube,” explained Fai.

“I wanted to use makeup but not too much so the teachers wouldn’t know, I wanted a natural look, I wanted to wear makeup but not look like it, so I searched Youtube and I saw a clip of people using makeup for a natural look,” she added.

Thai’s condition means she is lucky to even be alive. Her mother was told that she would only live for a maximum of nine months when she was born but she is now healthy and successful at 21 years old. Fai explained how she is aiming to use her platform and space to help inspire other disabled people.

“Now with TikTok I have a famous platform for myself. I have a following of three million people. Now there are many popular clips about makeup and also about dancing and lifestyle. The what I use my feet to apply my makeup is interesting to many people. I want to make a short film about disabled people. I recommend and encourage positive thinking for disabled people. I want to improve my content about makeup and cosmetics,” stated Fai.