August 2, 2021


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90s kids – did you do these things too?

If someone had told us about 15 years ago that I would be now sitting at home most of the time because a new contagious virus has captured our lives; that there are shops, entertainment venues and other nonvital places in my country closed, and that wearing a mask is normal, I think I would not believe a word. Sounds like a fictional story that you as a child would tell your friends to scare them, doesn’t it?

However, we are not talking about virus, it is the childhood that we are talking about today. As a kid, did you like to come up with all kinds of stories, fantasize yourself in some kind of scenario, or imagine, for example, how you are a famous and rich Hollywood star? Yes, we liked to do that too.

Born in the 90’s, I can only talk about my own and my friends’ childhood. It is a lot of fun to remember my childhood with my friends and compare it with that of today’s young people.

We have created a short list of what is actually a huge list of things that 90’s kids most likely can relate to.

  1. Being your own hairdresser

First we liked to style our Barbie’s hair, then we decided to move to our own. Sounds familiar? One second you are rocking your long hair that your mom really liked, the next second you are showing mom your new bangs that you decided to cut yourself and that are in a really weird angle.

The horror on your mom’s face is the one to remember.

  • Working as a cashier

I do not know about you but I was really into that whole „owning your business thing“. I liked to sell things and count „money“. Of course, the money was usually leaves from the trees, however, that did not stop me and my friends to have fun and even try to get a discount from the goods. The goods usually being some rocks or sculptures made of sand. The gaming part of money certainly has not disappeared, as various finnish pay n play casinos are popping up.

  • Screaming your friend’s name under their window to get him/her to come outside

Me and my friends did not have a mobile phone when we were kids. I still remember that I had a prepaid card for a phone booth that were usually located next to the bus stations.

So when I wanted my friend to come outside and play I had to either call their home phone which I did not really like to do or scream under their window. The last option was really popular amongst us.

  • Building a tent in the living room

Hide and seek was one of my favorite games when I was little. But if there is noone around to play with, then hidin in your own forth is also a good option. It takes only a few chairs and/or a couch, a bedsheet or two, few pillows and you are the kind of the castle.