January 24, 2022


World News

Tech company says wearable air purifier kills 99 percent of viruses with UV light

Estonian tech company Respiray has developed a wearable UV air purifier that they say disinfects breathable air while allowing the face to remain fully visible, as seen in Tallinn on Wednesday.

The company’s website says that the device “disinfects the air you breathe in with invisible UV-C light and inactivates over 99 percent of viruses and bacteria in the air.” The device “purifies up to 55 litres of air per minute” which is believed to be at least three times more than an average human normally breathes.

“We have only prototypes so far, production will be in a week or two. We already have first customers, so we already have more orders than we can produce in March, for example,” said the CEO of Respiray, Indrek Neivelt.

The report says the efficiency test was handled in the University of Tartu with alphavirus, which is ‘similar’ to the COVID-19 both in RNA-genome and size. “The results concluded that 99,4 percent of the virus particles were inactivated,” it says.

“We have been working with the prototype for several months, tested it, everyone saw how it works. The results were just wonderful, everyone was surprised how such a small module can [bring] such excellent results. After that, when we got these prototypes, we thought to use them better. Then we thought that we need to be closer, as close as possible here, to this area. Since the air goes up, it is best to put this device here. We have designed this device for a little over six months,” Neivelt explained.

According to the company’s website, a pre-order starts at €229 ($273 whereas the usual price hits €279 ($333).