July 31, 2021


World News

Cinemas reopen in New York City as COVID restrictions ease

New York City’s cinemas reopened to the delight of moviegoers on Friday, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, allowing for limited capacity projections.

Footage shows the opening of an AMC theatre, the largest cinema chain in the country and the Alpine Theatre, the oldest operating cinema in New York City, built in 1921. Cinemas are allowed to run at a reduced capacity of 25 percent or 50 people per screen.

One moviegoer Helen Garth said, “I’m so excited to be in the movie theatre, every little step like this is a step towards the before times. I am very excited.”

Owner of Alpine Theatre in Brooklyn Nick Nicolaos explained how difficult the past year has been, “We had no communication from anybody. All we had to do was listen to the TV. Are we going to open? Are we not going to open?”

He expressed his concern for the cinema industry, “You see Hollywood moving in a different direction, investing billions of dollars in streaming going direct, right into people’s homes.”

“Is this industry going to come back? Have they decided in Hollywood to kill the theatre’s and go directly to the homes?” he added.