October 22, 2021


World News

Want a new house? New York company can now print it for you in just two days!

A revolutionary construction project was unveiled to the public on Long Island, New York, on Thursday, the first ever fully 3D printed house made available to the public.

Kirk Andersen, Director of operations at SQ4D which is the company that built this for-sale home, expressed his excitement at the potential this home has, “Using autonomy, we can show up, do our end on it with a robot and build faster than man can, safer and cheaper. It’s a game changer. We have a tool to make jobs safer, faster and build homes that you can raise your family in.”

The real estate agent Stephen King said viewers were astounded, “They are all amazed that a robot printed it and they are also amazed that it was done in 48 hours. They leave wide eyed and with their mouths open, so it’s incredible.”

The 900-square-foot space is a full function house entirely made of 3D printed concrete that took just two days to construct, start to finish. The entire home costs just 299,000 USD (246,787,13 Euros), which according to the real estate agent is unheard of on Long Island.