October 22, 2021


World News

‘My Pet Alpaca’ brings fluffy friends to your door to fight the pandemic blues

‘My Pet Alpaca’ brings joy to customers during the coronavirus pandemic, offering Alpaca visits to people’s homes all around Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Andrea Diaz and her husband drive to their customers in a minivan together with their crew of three young alpacas named Chewy, Valentino and Pisco alongside baby goat – Vincent Van Goatall.

“We thought the kids are going to like it more, but it turns out that grown ups like it a lot more. So it’s awesome, I really like it. You get to see like grown people professionals, you know, and whatever they do, just geeking out about these fluffy animals and it’s pretty cool,” explained Andrea during a visit to a family in Herndon, Virginia on Thursday.

Before the pandemic, the company owner, Andrea Diaz, worked as a bartender, but when restaurants and bars were forced to close Andrea, like many others, Diaz lost her job. Soon after, she decided to turn her love for her pet alpacas into a business and discovered a huge demand for it.

Visits from these fluffy animals can be booked online or per phone, at a price of 60 USD (49 Eur) per hour. According to Andrea business is booming and she is currently overwhelmed with bookings. She is receiving dozens of visit requests per week. Many customers believe spending time with the animals is therapeutic and helps fight the coronavirus blues caused by the long term pandemic isolation.

“Its just an opportunity to forget about everything that is going on and just enjoy an hour of just pure bliss. I’ll say alpaca therapy and goat therapy is the best therapy,” explains Tiffany Tully, a happy customer who had an alpaca visit on Thursday, as she does at least once a month.