October 22, 2021


World News

Cry me a cockroach! San Antonio Zoo lets you name cockroaches and rats after your ex

San Antonio Zoo had a special Valentine’s Day offer which allowed participants to name a cockroach or rat to be fed to its animals after your ex, as seen on Sunday.

In exchange for a fee, anyone could take part into the event titled ‘Cry me a Cockroach.’ Komodo dragons were seen eating dead rats placed on a heart-shaped recipient, a feast that could be followed online.

“We thought it might be a good laugh for a few locals here in San Antonio, but we went international in just a short amount of time.

Last year, we have over 5,000 donors and we were able to make over $45,000 for the zoo. So, this year, with all of the media attention that it’s received, we’re even more hopeful to raise more funds,” said Hope Roth, the vice president of marketing at the zoo.

Roth explained that participants did not only name the rats or cockroaches after their ex, but also after their boss or even a former president.

“It is 86 percent male names, so there is a lot of disgruntled women out there. But right now if you look, you’ll see our number one name for rats is Donald. So you’ll hear some Donalds today, Chris, Michael and Kevin.

So if these are one of your names, watch out, you might be fed to one of the San Antonio zoo animals today,” said Roth.