July 31, 2021


World News

Startup launches five-minute charging car batteries

Israeli company StoreDot developed an electric car lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in only five minutes, which is as fast to charge as filling up petrol vehicles.

Scientists could be seen working in the company’s lab in Herzliya on Sunday. “My goal is to change the world in a sense that people will drive clean cars and there will be clean energy all over the place,” company’s CEO and Founder Doron Myersdorf said.

The ultra-fast charging batteries developed in Israel are already being manufactured in China on standard production lines. StoreDot’s battery replaces graphite – used in regular lithium-ion batteries – with semiconductor nanoparticles.

“No doubt that today one of the biggest hurdles and challenges in the adoption of electric vehicles in the market is the fact that there’s range anxiety charging anxiety.

Once you have the ability to charge your cars in minutes, then all of this anxiety goes away and the driver has the experience of today’s combustion engine cars, so you can just charge your car and drive away,” explained company’s CBO Amir Tirosh.

StoreDot expects mass production for commercial selling in the next three to four years.