October 22, 2021


World News

Doll that can be tested for virus hits the market before Christmas

The toymaker Famosa has launched a doll that children can test for a virus, in a clear reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, as footage from Tuesday in Madrid shows.

The children must introduce their Belly dolls into the Bellies Virus Tester, which will light up red if it is positive for the virus, and green if it is negative. According to its creators, it is an educational toy that helps children understand the importance of health tests.

“We normalise the current situation through toys,” explains Marie-Eve Rougeot, Famosa’s executive director, adding that “it can be traumatising having to go to school every day with a mask, but if your favourite doll is also wearing a mask all day, it is something that normalises the situation, just like taking a test.”

Spain is one of Europe’s hardest-hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic, with over 1.7 million confirmed cases and nearly 50,000 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.