October 22, 2021


World News

Festival of light featuring giant Asian lanterns kicks off in Tallinn

The Greatest Asian Lantern Festival of Lights kicked off in Tallinn on Sunday. Residents and guests of the Estonian capital city could be seen enjoying more than 30 lantern figures, made of several million bulbs and thousands of metres of silk.

The festival presents heroes of fairy tales and movies, as well as the famous Taj Mahal and the symbol of Chinese New Year – the beast Nian. There are also attractions, swings, open-air theatre and a chapiteau, where the local residence of Santa Claus is situated.

“Our guests will have an opportunity to freshen up and cheer up, to have hot drinks, tea and feel the Christmas atmosphere better”, the head of the Festival Irina Torskaya​ said.

“For our Tallinn, it is a big event. People are bored, they want to be entertained, to have some rest, they are fed up with all this information that things are bad, bad, bad”, Tallinn resident Eugenia Petrova told. The festival runs until January 12.