July 31, 2021


World News

World’s largest chocolate nougat made at Chocomad 2020 in Madrid

The master chocolatier of La Colonial, Spain’s oldest chocolate factory, Justo Almendrote, and his team, made the world’s largest chocolate almond nougat on Friday.

“We are making a 50-metre (164-foot) truffle nougat that has almonds, cream, glucose syrup, a mixture of spices, and 85 percent Eureka chocolate,” said Almendrote, who already held the previous record with a 42-metre (137.79-feet) nougat.

The team of confectioners could be seen making the nougat, as well as the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begona Villacis, who attended the event at the Chocomad 2020 International Chocolate Fair.

The great sweet will be sold by ‘solidarity ounces,’ and the profits will be used for the social purposes of the Fundación Esperanza y Alegría.

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