August 2, 2021


World News

‘Digital’ Xmas tree lights up Venice’s St Mark’s Square but garners mixed reactions from locals

Venice’s iconic St. Mark’s Square was chosen as a location for a ‘digital’ Christmas tree on Friday, with the object getting mixed reactions from local residents. “I don’t like this Christmas tree.

I would like to have the tree from last year, the traditional tree,” said Ingrid, a German resident of Venice. “It’s better to see the classical Christmas tree,” said Gabriel, another German resident of Venice.

The project is an initiative of artist Fabrizio Plessi who wanted to bring about a tribute to light to the city and a message of rebirth and hope for the new year.

The digital tree is made up of over 80 modules each measuring 1 metre by 50 centimetres (3.2 foot by 1.6 foot), which, taking the shape of a tree of life, are meant to represent a union between the earth and the sky during the Christmas holidays.

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