July 31, 2021


World News

Automaker SEAT uses rice husks to make car parts

Spanish automaker SEAT has started producing components for its vehicles from rice husks, as seen in a company’s factory in Martorell and rice fields in Amposta, near Barcelona, on Tuesday.

According to SEAT, the use of various car parts made of Oryzite, a mixture of rice husks with thermoplastic compounds, reduces the use of plastics as well as the weight of the car, rendering them more efficient.

“We immediately saw the applications we could achieve, because most of the car interior parts are made with plastic, and in all of them we could use this material, this Oryzite, and the potential is huge,” Joan Colet, SEAT’s trunk development manager, explained.

The liner of the boot lid, the boot floor and the cabin headliner are among the components manufactured with the new material, all of which being tested in the Seat Leon model.