October 22, 2021


World News

Santa is now taking video calls with children from his home office

If you were sad your children wouldn’t get to sit on Santa Claus’ lap for a quick holiday meet-and-greet in your local mall due to the lockdowns, worry no more. This British Santa is taking video calls from his home office in London, as seen in footage from Sunday.

“We have had the idea back in August, we were with out niece at the time, she actually said, out of the blue, ‘how are we going to see the Santa this year?’ So my wife and I thought, hey, perhaps this is a good idea,” said Freddie, who created the Santa’s Grotto Live website in preparation for Christmas.

With everyone getting used to FaceTime, Zoom and other video call apps amid the coronavirus pandemic, the format provides for a more comfortable setting for the children, who can meet Father Christmas from home rather than in a public setting.

“Parents are able to provide some notes for Father Christmas before the call so he can be fully prepared to really enhance the magic of Christmas”, he said adding that the video calls allow Santa to spend more time with the children and play, sing, read together and interact depending on preferences.

“At the moment we are very focused to get the 2020 Christmas delivered”, Freddie said, hoping the service would find a place in families’ Christmas traditions in years to come.