July 31, 2021


World News

Phallic-shaped Christmas lights bring Christmas joy despite COVID-19

The small Belgian city of Oudenburg became famous overnight, after ‘accidentally’ decorating the city’s streets with questionably shaped Christmas lights.

80 penis-shaped illuminating columns could be seen blinking and glowing in several different locations in the town on Friday.

“New lights in town and now everyone sees Christmas dicks in it. So, it’s funny,” said local resident Miguel Vossen.

“The actual meaning was a Christmas statue with a ball on it but a lot of people see other things in it,” explained Assistant to the Mayor of Oudenburg Niels Cheyn.

“Last summer, we put the lights together but we didn’t put the lights on so we have seen it two weeks ago and it was too late to make something different,” Cheyn went on to say.

International media has been talking about this story and Oudenburg is happy to host all this attention after photos and videos of phallic-shaped Christmas lights already went viral on social media.