July 31, 2021


World News

Gamers hopelessly queueing for hours to get hold of a PS5 leave empty handed

A group of hopeful video game aficionados queued from the early hours of Friday morning outside a Game Stop in New York city on Friday with the dream of getting their hands on the much awaited PlayStation 5.

Passionate gamers all over the world woke up on Friday morning hoping for a Black Friday PS5 deal to appear somewhere online.

For the queuing gamers in New york, and countless more around the world, supply was more than scarce.

“I woke up at 04:00am. I went to the store in Sunset Boulevard, there was already like 150 people in the line.

Then I went to the store in Third Ave, there [were] a lot of people there. And then I ended up in Paterson, New Jersey [inaudible] and it was already sold out at 04:00am,” said gaming aficionado Shawn.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently confirmed that if you don’t already have your hands on a PS5, there’s a chance you may not get one this year.

Furthermore, the release of the new console has led to a multitude of scalpers buying hundreds of consoles in order to take advantage of the lack of supply and sell them at a higher price online.

Pre-orders for the much awaited console were first announced in September and sold out incredibly quickly.