July 31, 2021


World News

Ready, set, MUD! Thai farmers race tractors round rice paddy for cash and glory

Farmers from all across Thailand gathered in Nakhon Sawan Province, northern Thailand, on Sunday to face off in a so-called ‘Iron Buffalo’ rice tractor race.

Competitors were seen hitting the start line on their tractors, popularly dubbed ‘Iron Buffalos’ after the vehicles largely replaced draft animals, including water buffalos, which were formerly used in the rice paddies.

The nickname inspired the title of contest, organised in the middle of muddy rice fields.

“Thailand is a country of farmers. Farmers have these machines in almost every household. When the harvest season is over, we use these machines to compete at this event to relax,” explained one of event organisers.

“This event even strengthens the relationship among farmers, because each team is made up of farmers who come from all over the country,” he added, as various teams worked on adjusting their machines.