July 31, 2021


World News

Norwegian gymnast perform stunning moves to perfection

30-year-old Norwegian gymnast Sondre Berg gained a massive following on social media performing stunning moves inspired by break dance, yoga and parkour.

Berg showed off his skills in what is known as calisthenics in Trondheim on Sunday.

”Most of my combos are combination of strength, balance, technique, and flexibility or mobility.

So, behind most of the moves there are years of practice, just to be strong enough and mobile enough to be able to do the move,” said the athlete. Berg said he himself has been using social media to get some inspiration for his tricks.

“Whenever I see a cool movement, I would save it in my saved posts. I’d try it out and see if it works out.

Sometimes I need to practice for months. Sometimes things just come to me when I am just sitting by myself and taking a walk or thinking about what I can do and suddenly things just pop up,” said Berg.

The gymnast has been recently polishing some of his own moves, which can be seen in the footage.