January 19, 2022


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Meet Shen Yu Chuan, the a-maze-ing artist creating grass dresses from the farm

Shen Yu Chuan is a social media star and artist who has won over the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans on the Chinese social media app, Kwai, through her singing performances and impressive outfits made out of experimental items such as grass and corn stalks.

Coming from a farming background, the artist is determined on continuing her mission of giving a good show and inspiring fans for as long there’s approval.

Shen Yu Chuan revealed on Saturday from the farm, located on the outskirts of Linyi City, in the Shandong province, how she began making various clothes with experimental materials, after being inspired by someone else making a dress out of grass. “I started to make clothes from last autumn or winter.

I was not that busy with farm work and had more free time. I like to check the videos on Kwai and saw the video by someone who made clothes with grass. I tried to make the clothes on my own.

They turned out to be beautiful clothes in the end. Then, I made the video singing a song while wearing DIY clothes. The feedback from Kwai was good.

The grass was food for the goats and the cattle but I made the clothes with the grass. I got a lot encouragement from the followers on Kwai and I have become more confident to make more clothes,” she said.

The social media star also disclosed the creations that proved to be the biggest hits with her fans. “The most popular costume was the one made with dry grass.

I was singing a song with the dress in the farm. The fancy dress was actually made with the dry cornstalks and dry grasses. I think the biggest stage in China is the land.

The cornstalk represents the harvest of the farmers. I think if you have a dream, it could be your stage everywhere,” she added.