July 31, 2021


World News

Adorable seal pup nicknamed ‘His Fatness’ goes viral for his love for food

A plump seal pup named Shlissik from ‘Baltic Seal Friends Fund’ was awarded the unofficial title of ‘His Fatness’ due to his love for food and excessive fat the mammal had gained for the winter period.

The footage, filmed on Friday in the Centre for Study and Preservation of Marine Mammals in Saint Petersburg, shows a seal pup who hulks on land but briskly chases fish in swimming pool.

According to the head of ‘Baltic Seal Friends Fund’ Vyacheslav Alekseev, Shlissik is not overweight, and his excess fat will protect the animal during the winter period.

“It is a very useful skill to create such a thick layer of fat, and our Shlissik has succeeded in providing himself with such winter energy. It is normal and natural process,” explained Alekseev.

‘His Fatness’ has an outstanding talent to ask for food, and sometimes the employees of the fund cannot resist the pup’s calls for food.

Alekseev added that Shlissik is the keeper of the whole centre: the pup fiercely protects his pool from the outsiders and even entices followers of other centre dwellers in social media.