October 22, 2021


World News

World’s largest sustainable cargo ship made of wood built in Costa Rica

The construction process of Ceiba, the world’s largest emission-free cargo ship, could be seen in Costa Rica’s Punta Morales, on Thursday.

The wooden sailboat is 45 metres long (147 feet) and 35 metres high (115 feet), will have two electric motors and offer sustainable cargo shipping services from Costa Rica to Canada via the United States and Mexico.

“Our first route is the PAX Line from Costa Rica, through to the Pacific Ocean all the way to Canada, and will be done every year twice in a year,” explained Danielle Doggett, co-founder of Sail Cargo Inc, the company that developed the project.

The aim is to create a means of transport powered by the energy of the sun and the wind, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

“The mission of Sail Cargo Inc is to probe the value of fair shipping, so we are building the largest ship ever built in Costa Rica, in our shipyard”, added Doggett.