October 22, 2021


World News

Enthusiasts flock to Auto Guangzhou as new car tech takes centre stage

Visitors flocked to the 18th edition of the China International Automobile Exhibition in Guangzhou on Friday, as new car technologies took centre stage at the event.

China’s own SAIC car manufacturer showed off an all-electric concept design from its luxury Roewe marque, dubbed the Roewe R-Aura Concept, while Western automobile giants including Lamborghini, BMW, and Tesla showed off vehicles as well.

“China’s new energy vehicles are doing very well, especially in terms of charging infrastructure.

Many highways have charging stations. Therefore, it is completely feasible to drive electric vehicles for long-distance travel, but it will consume some time on charging,” said Xu Bo, a visitor. This year’s expo took place under the slogan “New Technology, New Life,” with many manufacturers showing off new electric vehicles at a time when increasing numbers of countries are announcing end dates for the sale of new internal combustion engine powered cars. (ruptly.tv)