January 19, 2022


World News

Clowns bring cheer to Spanish kids getting COVID test

A colourful crew of clowns and performers was seen entertaining kids as they got tested for COVID-19 in the Spanish city of Vigo on Friday.

The playful posse of clowns and outfit-donning entertainers was seen bringing cheer while health workers carried out CPR tests on young patients at a COVID-19 drive-through screening centre outside the Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital.

The jaunty jesters – of the Galiclown association – were also seen performing routines and dancing along to a coreography, to the delight of youngsters and parents alike.

“In these times, where it seems that we are surrounded by bad news, children and adults appreciate the role of important figures such as clowns and humour,” said parent Patricia.

“We cannot give them candy, we cannot hand out anything, but we can entertain them,” said a clown named Popin. “Everything flows in a funnier way, so to say. They are more distracted and the fathers and mothers leave happier.” (ruptly.tv)