January 24, 2022


World News

Trump supporters rally in front of governor’s mansion in Atlanta

Supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered in front of the Georgia governor’s mansion in Atlanta, on Thursday, to protest what they perceive as election fraud. The protesters held signs in support of Trump and waved US flags. One of the protesters addressed the crowd saying, “brothers and sisters, we are here because we love President Trump, we love this nation. We will never let it perish.” “We’re here to fight for election integrity and the right of the American people to have a safe and honest election. And I think that everyone in the media should want that as well,” said another protester. Later the same day, Georgia officials announced that the vote recount confirmed President-elect Joe Biden had defeated Trump in the state. Trump has not yet officially conceded the election to Biden. His legal teams filed several lawsuits alleging fraud during the elections. The claims have not yet been supported with viable evidence. (ruptly.tv)